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Breed: KWPN
Gender: Gelding
Peak: 1,68 m stunning KWPN gelding with three excellent gaits and superb using qualities.

Mandela KWPN Horses- With his elastic and expressive mechanism in his basic gaits and the extraordinary riding qualities, this stunning KWPN gelding fascinates now not only his rider however also each spectator. Mandela obtained a foal top rate on the KWPN association, grew up in perfect conditions and changed into gelded at the quit of 2021. Now he’s once more in complete schooling and is being prepared for his first starts in younger horse dressage classes. along with his lively hind legs, the best natural stability and his amazing operating mind-set, he promises to grow to be a a hit dressage horse.


Mandela combines terrific dressage bloodlines from Germany and the Netherlands.
The sire Bonds (Benicio – Sir Donnerhall) gained his stallion licensing and additionally gained the stallion overall performance tests with awesome difference to the subsequent stallions. Already in 2020, with most effective 7 years, he got pinnacle placings in S level training. also his offspring convinces completely: From his first year one filly have become German foal Championesse on the German foal championship and 3 sons have been licensed.

Mandela KWPN Horses | Mandela KWPN Horses Online | Mandela KWPN Horses At Best Prices

The dam Indira is through Glocks Dream joy – Johnson: these famous KWPN sires are both very a hit across the world in GP instructions.

Appropriate for

Mandela gives an ideal basis for a a success destiny inside the dressage game and because of his brilliant using features he is not only appropriate for expert riders, however also for newbie riders which might be seeking out a high great dressage prospect.


Coloration: Brown
Born: 2017
Level: Dressage horses
Region: Holland

We see high-quality electricity and capacity on this horse named Mandela. This son of the dressage horse sire Franklin stands out in the ring. but, his talent doesn’t come just from his sire’s side, as his dam Haula – an offspring of the renowned Daula breeding application – boasts a tantalizing pedigree. The accepted stallion and large excursion competitor For Gribaldi is out of the same dam-line as is the first-rate international Intermediaire I horse Daula II (s. Gribaldi). Each horses came beneath the hammer in a beyond great Dressage sales auction.

With pure dressage genes in Mandela’s line, it’s clear why he has expertise for the sport.

Mandela is a horse that people had high expectations for. He can walk very well.

Comes from a beautiful line with many game horses

He has been on the stallion inspection and designated as a stallion but changed into he too much stallion and was therefore castrated. His hormones took over.

He is now used to even being together with a buddy and it doesn’t matter if it’s a mare or a smash. Mandela needs variety.

He can be called almost bombproof in the woods. Good traffic tame and with some “watching” convince with a pat on the neck and he will do it for you.

We had to teach him to relax under the guy again.

Don’t think 5 steps ahead, but think 1 step back.

He is good to drive in strange location.

Good in the outdoor arena along a main road with a lot of agricultural traffic.

Easy on shipping

Sweet to deal with and the clown of the stable. He meets a rider who is friendly but consistent, through repetition he learns what the intention is.

Don’t punish, don’t argue, just repeat.

Letting go, reward with a long rein and give confidence. He is now running a neat L test.

In the lunge he likes to make a jump, under the man he has no experience there, except for a few trot bars.

Mandela is well acquainted with working on the double lunge. He enjoys riding outside, calmly galloping with the ears forward. He really does his quality for you and gives all right a nice feeling under the saddle. Just be light with him, don’t make a fuss. It is a very sweet feeling horse. But not suitable for every rider. As a result, it is sold in the All megastar category. Mandela has participated in the KWPN stallions and here he has all right received the DNA predicate D-OC.

Mandela is a horse with high expectancies. He can run very well.

He comes from a pleasing line with many game horses.

He went to the stallion approval and became declared a stallion, however he turned into too much of a stallion and became consequently castrated.

His hormones took over. he’s now used to stand together with a pal, whether or not it is a mare or a gelding. Mandela needs variation.

He is sort of bombproof inside the woods. he’s well-trained in traffic and while he is a piece “frightening” you can persuade him with a pat at the neck and he’ll do it for you.

We had to teach him to relax again under saddle.

Now not to think 5 steps ahead but 1 step again. he is well behaved to be ridden in ordinary locations. well behaved within the outdoor arena along a through road with a variety of agricultural site visitors. clean on delivery.

Candy to deal with and the clown of the barn. he’ll suit a rider who is type however consistent, via repeating matters he learns what is supposed.

No punishments, no dialogue, just repeat

Letting go, profitable with an extended rein and giving self belief. he’s doing a nice L test now. within the lunge he loves to bounce, below the saddle he has no experience with that, aside from some trot poles.

Mandela is acquainted with running on the double lunge. He enjoys hacking out, quiet galop, together with his ears ahead.

He without a doubt does his fine for you and gives you a nice feeling beneath saddle.

Simply deal with him readily, don’t make a fuss. he’s a very candy touchy horse. however not appropriate for every rider. that is why he’s sold in the All big name class. Mandela participated inside the KWPN Stallion selection and here he also obtained the DNA predicate D-OC.

This horse is offered inside the ESHA All superstar class, due to its behaviour whilst driving. in this element the horse is offered with out assure, see textual content.

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