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Show Jumping Horses Online- A selection of interesting show jumping horses for sale from our partner stables in Germany and the Netherland.

Show Jumping Horses is all regarding speed and accuracy.

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What breed of horse is employed for show jumping?

Holsteiner. Bred primarily for show jumping, Holsteiners are athletic and strong. they need a natural jumping technique, which will take you a long way. This natural jumping technique has seen Holsteiners win in the show jumping and show hunter ring at top level, where correct type is essential

In other countries corresponding to Ireland, ancient draft horses just like the Irish Draft were bred with land Thoroughbred. This made a horse with the strength and temperament of the draft and also the speed of the Thoroughbred.

Jumping Disciplines

Over time, horses are bred and produced for specific disciples. For example, the Westphalian Warmblood or the geographic area can naturally stand out prime level Dressage. On the opposite hand, the Thoroughbred might struggle against them owing to their build and natural paces. once push involves shove, attitude is everything. In fact, it’s usually valued over breeding. Once examining a horse, it’s vital to contemplate conformation, breeding and brain. Ideally you wish all three. However, a horse doesn’t have to be compelled to have five 0 star breeding to possess the heart to dig deep and also the brain to avoid wasting the day once you would like it most!

Show Jumping Horses Online | Show Jumping Horses Online For Sale | Show Jumping Horses Online at Best Price

German Warmblood

The German Warmblood could be a name wont to describe a spread of Warmblood horses; it should check with a horse that’s bred from a spread of Warmblood horses. For example, a horse may have Trakehner, Thoroughbred and Dutch Warmblood in their breeding to come back below the umbrella term of a German Warmblood. owing to this, German Warmbloods will vary in conformation, size and seemance, counting on genetic breeding. For example, if a German Warmblood features a massive share of Thoroughbred breeding, the horse can appear a lot of finely build than a horse that has a large percentage of Trakehner. Generally, German Warmbloods tend to be well-mannered horses that are each athletic and intelligent, with lots of scope for jumping.

The goal is to leap cleanly through sets of obstacles inside a specific time. Time faults are judged for not finishing the obstacles in time. Faults for show jumpers embrace knockdowns, and blatant disobedience. A rider {may be|could conjointly be|is also} disqualified if their horse refuses to participate. The horses are solely allowed a restricted range of refusals. this could also lead the rider to not complete the total course inside the time limit.

The rider’s apparel include a helmet with a harness, tall boots (preferably black), and spurs, however it’s optional. Some jumping competitions include: the automobile race (the highest level of competition), speed derby, puissance, six-bar, gambler’s choice, Calcutta, maiden, novice and limit, match race, bit class, and faults converted.

What Makes an honest Jumping Horse in General?

Show jumping could be a sport of accuracy and speed, requiring horses with the physical output to be ready to jump many obstacles while not flattening any rails. in a very “jump off,” horses should be particularly manoeuvrable in tight turns and be able to regulate pace to clear fences with the smallest amount range of faults

Show jumping horses must be athletic and brave, adapting to new environments, corresponding to horse shows, and volitionally jumping what might be new and spooky wanting fences. In jumping disciplines, not like most western disciplines, a taller horse is often preferred. Jumpers are most often around sixteen hands high, however, this is often to not say that smaller horses don’t seem to be equally capable of being a wonderful mount within the jumper ring.

Agility: Jumpers should be ready to regulate their pace quickly and avoid taking rails. this needs a horse who is light-weight on its feet and careful to require additional care to leap clean, even once jumping out of dangerous distances, or towards scarey looking fences.

Bravery: Jumpers see new courses anytime they are going to a show. You never grasp what to expect when it involves jump wing standards or fillers below the fences. Courses could also be designed with the intent to trick the attention or spook the horse, inflicting them to stop. triple-crown jumpers should adapt to new things well and courageously approach jumps albeit they haven’t jumped something find it irresistible before.

Sensible Form: an honest jumper ought to have a solid jump type with a tidy, tucked front that facilitate them avoid hit rails.

Surefootedness: an honest jumper wants to be adjustable and well balanced so as to soundly take tight turns or stick out of tight distances. they have to be targeted on their job and continuously prepared for subsequent fence in order to avoid tripping or obtaining a poor approach to a fence.


the primary recorded show jumping competitions within the world were command in 1864 in Dublin, Ireland, as a part of an attempt horse show. High Jump and Wide Leap categories were enclosed in the show, primarily to check the flexibility of hunters, and these classes became terribly popular. Soon, alternative horse shows were based in Europe and also the USA: for example, the noted show at Madison sq. Gardens, New York, started in 1883.

The High Jump was a particular favourite among spectators and some impressive heights were achieved. In 1902 an unofficial high jump record was set by the American Dick Donnelly riding Heatherbloom, who cleared a staggering 2.515 metres (8ft 3ins) at a public demonstration in Richmond, Virginia (there is a photograph of him achieving this feat in the Guinness Book of Show Jumping). By the early 20th Century the sport of show jumping was gaining momentum worldwide, including in India,It became an Olympic sport for the first time in 1912, in Stockholm.

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