Training videos

Improving your and your horses dressage abilties and promote a harmonic partnership even as being at home? Yes, it’s possible! Katrin Meyer explains in her movies physical games for all tiers that could without difficulty be included inside the daily education sessions. She shows techniques and self manipulate options the way you and your horse can correctly enhance your degree and your every day training. The films consist of quick sequences with sporting events for the pony and for the rider that result in a higher suppleness and higher expression of the pony, however additionally to a greater accurate use of the aids and a more independant seat of the rider.

online training

The driving teacher does now not always have to be in the center of the driving area to present you and your horse the first-rate viable assist. Regardless of the place, you too can be taught by horse management grasp Katrin Meyer and obtain precious recommendations.

We offerstyles of on-line training:

live education:
Regardless of your vicinity, you too may be taught stay by using Katrin Meyer about the usage of a PIXEO camera and a headset. Katrin follows her education at the display screen and gives you lessons at once. It feels like she’s within the middle of the area!

We also lend the cameras on request.

Video evaluation:
Send a video of your training to Katrin, who will speak it with you and increase a training plan with hints for you. By sending motion pictures regularly, you may quickly see how you and your horse are progressing through Katrin Meyer’s analysis!

Contact Katrin Meyer immediately!

Courses and seminars with Katrin Meyer

Katrin Meyer, horse management grasp with successes as much as magnificence S (Grand Prix) and movement instructor in keeping with Eckhard Meyners, gives you the following guides and seminars for your solid.

Movement training according to Eckhard Meyners

In the movement schooling in keeping with Eckhard Meyners, findings from sports theory are implemented within the form of physiotherapeutic exercises especially designed for riders to be able to sell the rider’s comfortable, resonant sitting position. Many running shoes have now not paid sufficient interest to the physical requirements of the rider, most effective focusing on the appropriate schooling of the horse. Meyners evolved a identified application in which blockages within the rider’s movement are launched via physical games and unique grips so as to be able to pass freely with the horse’s movements.

dressage courses

Katrin is a success up to superior level (grand prix) and encourages encouraged leisure and formidable sports riders to work with their horse at the same time as incorporating anatomical ideas. Her purpose: Regardless of breed or stage of schooling, to sell horse and rider in any such manner that each enjoy riding and can build a functioning, harmonious partnership and for that reason develop together.

Special courses and coaching

Mental training for riders, emotional rescue / strain reduction – Katrin can also provide you treasured schooling devices in those areas in a huge number of special guides for (competition) riders, also in cooperation with specialized mental coaches.